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Albanese trips, Morrison claims ignorance of huge payout in Tudge affair

2 Tales: One a Mistake and The other Deception

Also on Monday journalist Samantha Maiden reported that the woman, Rachelle Miller, was receiving a settlement of more than $500,000 + (Costs = nearly $1Mill)

The amount reported, if correct, seems huge. Yet Morrison claimed he didn’t know the sum and couldn’t provide any information. “I have no knowledge of that. That’s a private matter between her and the [finance] department and so that is not a matter I have any involvement in or oversight or visibility on,” he said. (I don’t hold the hose)

This is taxpayers’ money. Taxpayers are voters, and voters are disgusted about what they have learned about the culture around Parliament House.

When there are allegations, denials, official inquiries, and a large payout on unspecified grounds, they’re entitled to feel they are being treated like disrespected cash cows. ( Reason for ICAC )

If they are to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to Miller they are surely entitled to know what it is for, and who ticked off on this decision.

And when it turns out Tudge is in a ministerial warehouse, after he and the PM indicated he was on the backbench, it looks like wilful deception on both their parts. (look at the error Albanese made)


Source: Albanese trips, Morrison claims ignorance of huge payout in Tudge affair