Tag: A Retreat for America’s New-Right

An Israeli home for America’s New Right

Amiad Cohen, the director general of the Tikvah Fund in Israel, delivers a speech during the Israeli Conservatism Conference, Jerusalem, May 26, 2022. (Fabian Koldorff)

A Jerusalem conference showcases the Israeli right’s embrace of American-style culture wars, nationalist populism, and cults of personality.

While diplomats, politicians, and think tank experts make empty platitudes about some future Palestinian state, the binational reality on the ground continues to take shape, and the right has correctly identified that whatever gains Jews make in this moment can and will be used as leverage in any future arrangement, or simply kept in Jewish hands. Contemporary American right-wing thought — manifested by different forms of anti-wokeism, irony, and so-called freedom of thought, undergirded by white nationalism, and translated and adjusted to the Israeli context — seems like the perfect vehicle for this project.

Source: An Israeli home for America’s New Right