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Police officers killed six people in 24 hours after Chauvin verdict.

Demonstrators gather outside a government building during an emergency city council meeting April 23, 2021 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

” And the beat goes on”

The guilty verdict in the murder trial former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin shone a spotlight on killings by law enforcement officers. But the vast majority of police killings across the United States go largely unnoticed. To exemplify that fact, the Associated Press details how at least six people died at the hands of the police in the 24 hours after a verdict was reached in the Chauvin trial. Some of those deaths led to even more calls for accountability, while others have remained so under the radar that the name of the person who was killed isn’t even known. “In several cases, little is known about the lives of those killed and what happened in their final moments,” notes the Associated Press.

Source: Police officers killed six people in 24 hours after Chauvin verdict.