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Trump’s troops: The far-right has a tight grip on too many in uniform | Salon.com

 (Getty/Spencer Platt)

Where would Australia be if Trump wins and the Military assisted him in a coup? Morrison has modeled his Government far more on Trump than he has Biden.

He’s right of Trump on Climate Change an an anti- Mandater on vaccines and  lockdowns, “let it rip” his pandemic message. He’s far more aggressively anti- China a manufactured message for domestic  politics. He fundamentally is a Trumpster on borders, media, education, and health. Even the 200% increase in government debt is no longer an issue. By and large, the likelihood of us participating in a war and being a greater target than we were in 2013 has increased insurmountably. Our reliance on a Trump America has been welded by Morrison’s LNP. Unfortunately We saw what happened to the Kurds in Syria, those left behind in  Afghanistan, and weakening ties to the EU under Trump while he cozied up to Russia, Nth Korea, Hungary, and other dictators. Morrison and Abbott have dragged Australia’s reputaion in the eyes of the world to the worst it’s ever been.

The prospect of members of law enforcement agencies and the military breaking off into rogue commands seems like something out of a political thriller. And it’s probably not very likely. But then the election of Donald Trump was unlikely as was the insurrection of January 6th. I would have thought it unlikely that police officers would defend a vicious mob beating other cops with flagpoles or that active duty military would boldly participate in it. We all should recognize by now that anything can happen.

Source: Trump’s troops: The far-right has a tight grip on too many in uniform | Salon.com