Could ‘unreliable’ be the new normal for energy users? – Michael West

Is this news or “blackmail” trying to get the government to subsidize an already failing coal-fired power station. Any subsidy today should be a foot on the accelerator of renewables.

The Fossil Fuel Industry is promoting this media and it comes across as extortion particularly when already obsolete power plants are promoted as necessary because “renewables can’t do the job”. This sort of negative fearmongering argument was never posited when coal-fired stations were being built way back when we were still lighting candles and burning wood.

“Then we might think that we’re fine, we might let Eraring go, thinking the worst case scenario hasn’t happened, therefore it can’t happen.” Eraring, located south of Newcastle, is Australia’s largest coal-fired power station and biggest single emitter of greenhouse gases.

Source: Could ‘unreliable’ be the new normal for energy users? – Michael West

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