White Man’s Media: Anti-China media beat ups continue… – Pearls and Irritations

Crowd people. Chinese flag.

The Royal Commission on the media called for by Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull and now by Senator Hanson Young is long overdue.

The ‘experts’ in our white man’s media say nothing of course about the 800 US military bases around the world, including many that directly threaten China, or that in AUKUS we are cooperating with the US to make China more vulnerable to a US nuclear first strike.

In similar vein the US destroys the NordStream gas pipeline but scarcely a mention by our media except to run the thread bare US denial.

In our media there is the assumption, never spelled out, that China will behave as aggressively and violently as the US has done for centuries in endless foreign wars. But China is not behaving that way. It does not militarily threaten the US and its allies. However, it refuses to accept the world hegemony that the US insists for itself.

The current anti-China hysteria is that China could establish navy bases in the South Pacific…

Does any of this stand up?

Source: White Man’s Media: Anti-China media beat ups continue… – Pearls and Irritations

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