America’s humiliations just keep piling up

Billionaires, Grifters, are vehicles for ratings Trump learned that years ago when doing his TV show. Attention matters and refusing it is the death of corporate media. Like Barnum like Madhoff Trump is still a master of the art of attention control.

A great start will be the mainstream media refusing to give Trump platforms such as last Wednesday’s CNN event. Of course, this is a forlorn hope, as the soaring ratings totally vindicated CNN’s decision.

The banner is still aloft over what used to be the home of the brave. It will recover its starry spangle when Trump and his White supremacist movement of anger, hatred and malice are gone forever.

Multiple events in the USA this month have dismayed, disturbed and disgusted the watching world, as Alan Austin reports.

Source: America’s humiliations just keep piling up

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