Are Nazis running Victoria? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Swastika overlaying Nazi salute from Melbourne March 18

Fundamentally the Culture Wars are politics established on the basis of anti- Multiculturalism and pro-Monoculture within Australia as a whole. Division and fragmentation are desired paths to foment chaos and distraction in our body politic.

The LNP’s tactic based on the lack of acceptance of cultural diversity is unfortunately supported by mainstream media and has become a breeding ground and opportunity neo-Nazi success and sympathy within the LNP itself. We saw what the Monkeypod Room did to its Federal branch. It resulted in 4 leaders and Dutton the last man standing. That united broad church, the LNP keeps talking about, has proven to be a myth that fell apart when attacked from within. They are only now calling them terrorists.  The Victorian Branch is now a shit show on display. It truly did fall apart with the importation of American Republican-style politics into Australia. Their politics was the business of creating drama rather than dealing with it. Let’s face it where did Dutton first go when elected their leader? He went straight to America.

Dan Andrews stated that “This Americanisation of our politics has no place here,” and nor do the bigots’ “hateful views.” The vast majority are in agreement, as the Coalition parties are finding.

Source: Are Nazis running Victoria? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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