Call for Voice referendum to be cancelled

tony abbott voice

May be an image of text that says 'IndigenousStudies @IndigenousUoM The Race Power 51 (xxvi) of the Australian Constitution enables the government to treat Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people differently than other Australians. The No campaign don't understand that our Constitution is racist. clssic.usili.eduauayu/li/hc.'

Separatism Abbott came to Australia by boat in 1778 and was then written into our Constitution. Had the First Nation people here been recognized and treaties signed a united nation might have progressed and an appropriate Constitution written.

Instead of recognizing the faults of the past and the inbuilt racism that they contained Abbott wants to deny history and the common sense that would correct it’s shame.

When Peter Dutton announced he would step in to lead the campaign against the Voice, Noel Pearson lost a night of sleep and delivered a withering portrayal of the Opposition Leader.

Source: Call for Voice referendum to be cancelled