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Dominion is still going after Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, but their incompetence, as manifest as it is, appears more comical than dangerous. We may get to see them twist and sweat dark bullets down their foreheads, but they’ll both claim bankruptcy and neither of them has a reputation left to be destroyed. My hope now is that Smartmatic, which has the next defamation suit up, gets the empty suits of FOX News on the stand and we can get a better grasp of the horror show that is that network. If they take a big enough chunk of cash in a settlement from FOX, instead of pushing onto the courtroom at all costs, perhaps the double hits will do fatal harm to the network, or, even better, corporate advertisers will be embarrassed to be associated with determined liars.

Doesn’t seem like much to ask.

Source: Deport Murdoch – » The Australian Independent Media Network