Women promoted in Liberal frontbench reshuffle – Michael West

Dutton, Price and the Cabinet are all at odds with each other. Dutton left the Cabinet’s meeting on the Voice in a quandary when he said he wanted local voices on the ground and a National Voice legislated but “Not in the Constitution”. He agreed that Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders had a special place in history. However after he left he told the mainstream media he was against a National Voice and that the Voice was solely a local and State matter as far as the LNP were concerned, throwing a cat among the pigeons.

Price and Dutton seem to be on the same page and agree to local voices legislated, but not a National Voice. Somehow by magic, those many diverse local and state voices would still be heard in the Capital. Price is the example as to why a single Indigenous MP isn’t representative of the First Nation people. She remains a lone spokesperson for herself. It seems she’s been appointed to Cabinet to support Dutton’s argument against the notion of a National Voice by becoming Dutton’s idea of a National Voice. She’s the Voice he supported behind closed doors and lead the Cabinet to believe he was in favor of then did a presser to publicly say didn’t. Are we confused enough by the worst Opposition leader yet? The Liberal has appointed 2 more Nationals to his front bench turning the LNP into and NLP.

Watch these twits confuse not only each other, but the Public as well, and betray the true history of Australia and it’s First Nation’s Peoples.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has unveiled his reshuffled frontbench, with Jacinta Price the new opposition Indigenous Australians spokeswoman.

Source: Women promoted in Liberal frontbench reshuffle – Michael West