Rex v the A-G: will Labor keep Liberal dirt under the carpet? – Michael West

Mark Dreyfus, FOI

In opposition, Federal Labor spoke up long and loud in favour of government transparency.  Now they are in government, their voice on this has gone rather quiet. 

There’s already been quite a bit of backsliding once Labor bums got comfortable again in ministerial chairs. One thing’s for sure now; there’s now a court case on-foot that goes directly to the credibility of Mark Dreyfus as much as it goes to the credibility of government. I’d like to think he’ll back transparency, but after he abandoned whistleblowers Richard Boyle and David McBride, I’m just not sure. We’ll find out soon.  

Can a Prime Minister use a Cabinet reshuffle to sweep government dirt under the carpet? Rex Patrick reports on rorts and transparency.

Source: Rex v the A-G: will Labor keep Liberal dirt under the carpet? – Michael West

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