NZ mother detained indefinitely under ‘God-like’ ministerial powers


‘The [Migration] Act confers a number of extraordinary and unusual powers on the Minister… [Emily] has been the object of the exercise of all these extraordinary powers, so it is little wonder she apprehends she is being victimised and/or punished.’

Peter Dutton a case that reflects the true authoritarian nature of the man

Now ten years old, Oliver hasn’t seen his mother outside of a detention centre since 2015. In those days, Oliver was just a preschooler, and he and his mother led quiet and unassuming lives. To understand why their lives unravelled, one must look back to events that took place prior to Oliver’s birth.

in 2020, Dutton exercised his personal power under section 501 to overturn the Tribunal’s decision and refuse Emily’s visa, arguing it was in the ‘national interest’ to keep her from entering the Australian community. At this point, Emily’s minor criminal conviction and infringement of immigration law had occurred over a decade ago, Oliver was still without a mother, and the threat to her life was still ongoing.

An article about Peter Dutton regarded the worst Health Minister, the Worst Immigration Minister, the worst Homeland Minister, and now leader of the worst political opposition party in Australia’s history.

Source: NZ mother detained indefinitely under ‘God-like’ ministerial powers