Rupert Murdoch has a wicked problem

Pictured is Rupert Murdoch

The Dominion defamation case makes one wonder if Rupert Murdoch has been advised to try the Alan Bond defence of early onset dementia or mental incapacity as we once saw him try to do in the UK 20 odd years ago? Is his on-and-off recent engagement a step in that direction one wonders?

In love one moment and ” I didn’t know what I was doing the next”? What benefit would such a claim be? Maybe to escape being called to testify due to his age and mental ill health? It served him well during the UK investigations when he was only in his 70s and being investigated for his involvement in the criminal practices of his media in the UK.

Rupert Murdoch has a wicked problem. Many of the politicians who bent, or even grovelled, when his News media outlets blew on them are no longer scared.

On the other hand, News – particularly Fox – is showing signs that it is scared of its own audiences.

A growing number of journalists and eminent Australians are fearlessly pushing back against the Murdoch Australian empire.

Source: Rupert Murdoch has a wicked problem

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