Drug policy change to MDMA welcome

Is this another case of hippies yet again, having found another way, another substance, who are now getting run over by Big Pharma and Capitalism because if rebranded leads down a yellow brick road made of money? Is this the start of a another new wave once exclusive to Dr Feel Good’s ticket to a magical mystery tour?

Weed is being legalised or at least decriminalised. So much of  what was once declared evil is now being rinsed and cleansed again. Will we see coke put back into Coca Cola? Coca Cola wishes it would I’m sure.

Just a flip and systemic relabelling and what was pure evil becomes a medicinal godsend to be paid for at far far far higher prices. Insulin is almost beyond the reach of diabetics in the USA. Smuggled in from Canada because there it’s on the National Health program. Get to Cuba and its almost free. It amplifies the difference in degree between the values of three different economic systems and their goals because in the USA the price is only affordable to the rich and connected.

Welcomed by many in the medical community, the Federal Government recently announced the rescheduling of MDMA and psilocybin for treating PTSD and treatment-resistant depression, writes David McIlveen.

Source: Drug policy change to MDMA welcome

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