Federal politics: Labor Party under Anthony Albanese faces tough road ahead

The federal opposition has adopted the mantra: “Why is everything dearer under Labor?”

Whitlam changed Australia and Fraser stole the benefits that followed but divided the nation like nobody before him. Hawke and Keating repaired that damage done, and made us part of South East Asian, a Pacific Nation. John Howard put an end to that and went on a spending spree and witch hunt for Asylum seekers. Rudd and Gillard saved the nation from the global shocks of the GFC with Wayne Swan being voted the world’s best treasurer and economic manager. Do you notice a pattern?

The past decade saw the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison LNP put an end to worrying about spending and took the nation’s debt to x3 times higher than ever before almost a Trillion dollars. The common thread in all of this has been the ALP is always being handed the LNP’s poisoned chalice of economic mismanagement and a new set of divisive set of culture wars. A revised set of fake identity politics, to hate in order to hide their economic malfeasance. After which they hand back government to the ALP to fix while calling them incompetent fuckwits from the bleachers of the opposition. The rich can afford to pay the price for their malpractice while the middle class shrink the poor expand and the majority of this nation suffer. Each cycle they find it harder to recover from the ever-expanding income and wealth gap. Their children’s expectations lessened and lessened by debt and false promises of opportunity

Tough times are ahead for the Albanese government this year, but how tough? The opposition’s strategy runs along the following lines. The economic slowdown caused by rises in the cash rate will smash the government’s financial credentials, with Anthony Albanese and Jim Chalmers in the frame to be blamed squarely for all of it, along with every price rise that comes along. The opposition’s mantra is already “why is everything dearer under Labor?”

Source: Federal politics: Labor Party under Anthony Albanese faces tough road ahead

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