Australia: peacemaker or warmonger? – Pearls and Irritations

Bullet and ammunition shell with a yellow flower of peace resting on a dusty dirty background. Copy space area for design text.

However, when global alliances are at stake, or global economies are deemed to be at risk, then sides are taken. A very good example is Yemen. The conflict here has absolutely nothing to do with Australia, or Europe, or the United States. Its antecedents are the Arab Spring of 2012. Disquiet about the leadership of President Saleh was the trigger. Continuing disquiet under the presidency of Hadi, the alignment of Saleh with Houthi rebels, all led finally to international intervention and side taking. Because the Houthi rebels are perceived to be aligned with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s enemy, the US and its allies which include Australia has provided Saudi Arabia with armaments. Unleashed from the air these have caused almost unprecedented misery on a people and nation that at one time was a jewel in the Arab world. A Yemeni civilian has nowhere to hide; prevention of humanitarian aid is a weapon of war.

Source: Australia: peacemaker or warmonger? – Pearls and Irritations

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