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This isn’t new The Government of Bhutan’s central “economic policy” focus has been the ” Economy of Well-Being” Social Democracies around the world have been practising it to some extent far more than Australia has. Some like Cuba are not even given a remote chance to practice what they preach by America. The people’s choices are always deemed ignorant by the conservatives of Western Democracies.

Bernie Sanders in America has spent his life advocating “another form of economics” always losing out, not to the Republicans but rather to the non-progressives in the Democratic Party who remain blinded to any other form of privatised economics than is currently practised. They simply hold the power and the megaphone not the logic or commonsense thought that exists outside of the current matrix we have constructed.

Yet Australia’s Conservatives and the LNP regard what Chalmers has been echoing as some radical change of life and in their kindest moments writing it off as pure fantasy. It’s not but it’s rarely spoken of out loud in Australia.

Jim Chalmers Essay

This is not to suggest that Chalmers is predicting the end of the capitalist order. Far from it. But the capitalism Chalmers envisages is one where markets must work to advance well-being. So too must governments. That’s hardly a radical view, but it has to be asserted, because governments have lost sight of that objective. Hence the importance attached to the wellbeing budget.

Source: Bear weekly roundup

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