Mark Dreyfus’ exclusive media diversity club

It’s all about the numbers, Fake News continues to dominate REAL News and the ALP is just as much an ally as the LNP. In that regard, they are Trumpist-rating chasers. Murdoch destroyed News in the UK for ratings and when busted fled to the US. He destroyed News in the US and they live with the consequence today. He struggled in Australia because we had the ABC so he called on the LNP to dilute and weaken what was a bulwark to democracy that kept the bastards honest. With every successive LNP government that safety net to REAL trusted News and information has been broken.

(Image by Dan Jensen) Following the Coalition’s example, News Corp and Nine have been prioritised over small independent publishers in the Albanese Government’s “media roundtable” initiative. Michelle Pini reports.

Source: Mark Dreyfus’ exclusive media diversity club