Australia’s industrial makeover ramps up – Michael West

Worry is always the decision-makers’ burden when moving forward and doing things “right”. Unintended mistakes tend to occur but are often politicized by the opposition, and oh boy, did we see that with the”Pink Bats” scandal. But here is the difference the difference ” Robodebt” The NBN and Asylum seeker deaths were wrong, Yes. one was right the other totally wrong on human and AI grounds and none were accomplished overnight. Pink Bats couldn’t be predicted to have 5 deaths the other three could be guaranteed to be system failures on a grand scale. .

The Chubb review shows there’s integrity in the carbon credit system designed to support decarbonisation, but Ms Constable is concerned about the proposed rapid changes for the regulator. “It takes time to build expertise and get things running smoothly, so we’ll be watching to make sure implementation matches the ambition.”

Source: Australia’s industrial makeover ramps up – Michael West

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