Entitled White males are not heroic role models

Remember when Miranda put Bolt back in the box and he fled 2GB

Media personalities like Steve Price and Andrew Bolt have long joined the chorus of victimised men with grievances about being silenced and cancelled, sentiments to which they return in their national newspaper columns, radio spots and television appearances. Bolt suffered a humiliating loss that “silenced” him in a celebrated 2011 court case centred on his defaming of nine white-skinned Aborigines and Price just recently had his 2GB show axed following a fall in ratings, rebuffing a lesser offer from the station.

The common theme among these victims is their maleness, their whiteness and their entitlement to protection from censure of any sort. A logical extension of that expectation is immunity from the negative judgement of courts, tribunals and employers.

Source: Entitled White males are not heroic role models