Bail for first ‘ISIS bride’ to face court sparks political furore

Susan Ley was a greater threat to Australian citizens when in the Morrison government. However, she still remains a greater threat than Miriam Rudd is today and we don’t know what she’s been planning as her next move as Dutton’s Deputy. We do however know she’s been planning not on raising children like Miriam Rudd in her very Australian extended family that fought to bring her home.

Why is the media calling this a “political furore” supporting the LNP’s efforts to create one? Miriam Rudd is an Australian citizen accused of a crime but an Australian citizen nevertheless and has the right to be here

“We don’t know where these people have been resettled. We don’t know which communities have been put at risk. We don’t know where they are moving in and out of,” Ms Ley said.

Source: Bail for first ‘ISIS bride’ to face court sparks political furore