Who is paying the price for the violence of May 2021?

Palestinians demonstrate in Haifa during a general strike to protest Israeli state violence against Palestinians, May 18, 2021. (Maria Zreik/Activstills.org)

Shakespeare’s Portia never made it to Israel

Last June, an Israeli Jew, Ya’akov Cohen, was convicted of violently assaulting Said Musa, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, in the coastal city of Bat Yam during the unrest of May 2021. The prosecution sought a sentence of 4-7 years for Cohen, 31, who kicked Musa while he was lying helpless on the ground after having been dragged out of his car by several Jewish assailants, including Cohen. But the judge decided to sentence him to only 15 months in prison, justifying his ruling by arguing that Cohen “believed in the moment that the victim of the crime [Musa] was trying to carry out a car-ramming attack.”

At the end of November, an Arab man, Adham Bashir, was convicted of taking part in an attack on Mor Janashvili, a Jewish Israeli, in Akka during the same period in May 2021. The prosecution requested that Adham Bashir, who threw a stone at Janashvili’s car and broke its windshield in a group attack, be sentenced to 10-13 years; the three judges agreed to the request and sentenced him to 10 years in prison. The judge explained: “This was an ugly and dark attack that requires significant punishment.”

Source: Who is paying the price for the violence of May 2021?

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