US talks to underpin nuclear sub decision – Michael West

Our bestie America is “prepared” to sacrifice and sell us their used and no longer wanted nuclear subs at “their price” and build new ones for themselves. In the meantime, they are also for a price prepared to man, maintain and train us here in our newly built by them specialist American ports. Ports, built to purpose, by them, for a price,why? Because most other Pacific nations don’t want a bar of endangering themselves with that sort of deal. The Americans know they’re not wanted anywhere else at any price and so we are now the safest option. Meanwhile, we the people are being promised very loudly that these aren’t really fully purposed nuclear subs or facilities. Now that sounds a fair dinkum deal to be believed, doesn’t it?

There has been speculation that Washington is prepared to sell Australia its own submarines to plug any gaps in the meantime in light of China’s increased aggression and the fact that the first nuclear sub is not set to arrive for at least 15 years.

Source: US talks to underpin nuclear sub decision – Michael West