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Protesters battling with police with Red Ensign flag against Melbourne's lockdowns

Murdoch led us to conspiracies which led us to even the more extreme QAnon mindset along with both militant, religious, and Far-Right groups in the USA and here. Australia’s own homegrown Christian-right dream of a theocratic-led state like ISIS and are calling for one openly.

Andrew Bolt declared, after the bombings in Barcelona, that the Australian Christian youths should have the same commitment as those bombers had in Spain. To the death, he wrote with the blessing of Murdoch’s media. Mind you he doesn’t have the same commitment himself but insists and drives others to have it. He went into immediate hiding for 4 days after the Christchurch massacre and then outpoured own denial to any violence. What did he mean when he said Australian Christian youth were gutless and needed to fight back? He certainly said it, wrote it, and they read it. The Australian militant mass murderer in Christchurch hero-worshipped and listened to a series of far-right guests giving voice to aggression on  Andrew Bolt’s show. The Murdochs didn’t even profit from it yet they promoted it. The fact that Bolt admired the commitment to the death, of the Barcelona bombers says it all. He was a media crusader and recruiter for the radical right and as Judge Mordecai Bromberg declared a lazy and no-talented hack who had no regard for facts.

The same forces are in play in Australia: desperate people, stoked with existential dread at the crimes of the Elites, exacerbate each other’s sense of victimhood. They falsely claim the pandemic was manmade, and vaccines intended to control them or kill them slowly. They celebrate their pure blood and sperm. They wondered if they felt sick after gathering unvaccinated because the government had sprayed them with toxins. (Because conspiracies are unfalsifiable, every consequence of stupidity becomes fodder for paranoia.)

Source: Conspiracy: the disease that threatens our survival – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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