Dutton zeroes in on Labor broken promises – Michael West


With full knowledge of what they’d left behind after a decade of doing nothing but changing leaders and fighting among themselves, the LNP has landed with Peter Dutton as their leader. Dutton’s first step was to fly to the US to ask the Republicans what he should do and no doubt get Murdoch’s blessing.

He’s back and has still done nothing but told us to forget the past yet he is still talking about the $275 that we got but couldn’t notice because of the rolling storm of inflation they’d set loose.

The federal opposition leader said the forecast of a 56 per cent rise in power prices put paid to Labor’s promise of a $275 cut in bills.

Mr Dutton said Dr Chalmers had earned the nickname “Grim Jim”.

Source: Dutton zeroes in on Labor broken promises – Michael West

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