Federation: A colonial view – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The most “basic flaw in Australian nationalism was its view of race.” (Alomes, 1988:30).

Perhaps then, national identity was enshrined in the White Australia policy: Upon the very isolation of this vast island continent … a unique human experiment might be attempted. As with nowhere else upon the globe, here a distinct biological community might be established, maintained and nurtured within a single geographic entity. If the indigenous peoples continued their perceived decline towards extinction and other migrant races were excluded or expelled, a ‘pure race’ could logically result. From such a vision, the idea of a ‘White Australia’ was born – a society where national boundaries conformed to racial ones – and by the time of Federation, this was no longer so much a matter of debate as a nation-wide article of faith. (Cited in Evans et al, 1997, p 26).

Source: Federation: A colonial view – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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