Alex Jones’ fondue of scalding hot bummer cheese

As we all know 1) Lawyers aren’t cheap 2) Unlike America Australian or British law makes ambulance chasing and class action suits more complicated and difficult. It was far easier for Dutton to sue and defend than it is was Mr Average Journo Shane Bazzi 3) Dutton lost but Bazzi felt the impact far more than Dutton.4) Murdoch media retains Australia’s top lawyers to protect their stable of reckless talking heads 5) they negotiate settlements well before any court cases.

As Charlie Sykes points out, “it’s important to put this into context,” and the context is a global ‘conservative’ movement in which the crazy is not only tolerated — it’s encouraged.

Jones’ toxic, anti-governmental conspiracy theories have slowly but surely infiltrated the political waters. Things that 10 years ago would have been dismissed are now being repeated in the halls of Congress. And of course, former President Donald Trump is right there in the middle of it all…

Jones flourished in the right’s growing alternative reality bubble where he could drive the political narrative. Instead of being shunned or marginalized, Jones found that lying was a lucrative business model that leads to celebrity and political clout.

By imposing a cost on his lies, the Sandy Hook parents make the project of undermining reality and subverting democracy that little bit more difficult and expensive. ( John Birmingham )


Source: Alex Jones’ fondue of scalding hot bummer cheese