Luring Doctors From Poorer Countries is the UK’s Quiet Scandal –

The UK isn’t the only one “looting” trained professionals from third-world countries Australia is too,

Meanwhile, the voice of Andrew Bolt can be heard crying ” don’t allow our medical professional’s to volunteer” in the case of Ebola in Africa.

While Cuba at times of need sends their professionals to where they are needed most. While our Australian Medical Association retains a post-WW2 attitude that cries out ” don’t let these Imports into practice because how do we know they are sufficiently trained?

Self-interest is reflected over and above the “common good” in our not so  “Free Market Place” What’s left is fear, confusion and disrespect for practitioners.

The looting of artistic and religious objects from Africa and Asia by British invaders in the 19th century causes much rancorous debate about whether the artefacts should be returned to the countries they were originally stolen from. But the discussion is much more muted about equally acquisitive expeditions launched by Britain today that may ultimately cause more suffering than those imperialist ventures long ago.

Source: Luring Doctors From Poorer Countries is the UK’s Quiet Scandal –

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