Fran Bailey: Ex-minister who ousted Scott Morrison from Tourism Australia says he must leave parliament

Lessons never learned and gutsy decisions never made by the LNP. Remember when Abetz helped send the serial fraudster Damian Mantach to Victoria to continue his criminal habits here simply to keep it hush hush in Tassie. The LNP is reported to have lost millions and gained no backbone.

It could be argued they did the same with Morrison after the NZ debacle followed by the one with Fran Bailey here. Then the seat of Cook and all the way to PM. Morrison was the tin can being kicked down the road. The LNP knew perfectly well who and what Scott Morrison was yet protected him and themselves along the journey.

Trump’s whole history was a model of the social grift serially hiding the past by any means with the aid of all those who’d be compromised if the truth came out. All for the sake of winning while moving forward and always buring Integrity along the way. Trump and Morrison were like Icarus until their protective wax was melted for challenging the sun, they finally crash landed. The real Scott Morrison has finally been revealed and as much as we are all red faced he’s proved to be a serial fraudster like Trump. Mind you it doesn’t say much about the LNP, Howard, Fran Bailey ( ‘I was gobsmacked when he became prime minister’ ). They were all party to the deception even if it meant decieving each other just as was done with the likes of Damian Mantach. Everyone on board protecting themselves like Eric Abetz and crew?

Former Howard government minister Fran Bailey says she forced Scott Morrison out as head of Tourism Australia because of a “complete lack of trust” and has called on him to quit federal parliament immediately.In her strongest criticism of the former prime minister yet, Bailey claimed she felt bullied by Morrison and that he had not consulted her on key decisions as managing director of the nation’s tourism body.

Fran Bailey: Ex-minister who ousted Scott Morrison from Tourism Australia says he must leave parliament

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