Why Benny Gantz is one of Israel’s most dangerous leaders – +972 Magazine

Gantz’s politics, like those of the wider Israeli “center,” mimic many of Likud’s right-wing policies in all but name; his new alliance with Gideon Sa’ar, a former rival of Netanyahu within Likud, reaffirms that ideological kinship. And when it comes to the Palestinians, Gantz — like his coalition partner Yair Lapid — has promised to deliver more of the same: a regime that has no qualms with waging constant violence to keep Palestinians under Israeli control, from fighter jets over Khan Younis to bulldozers in Masafer Yatta.

The second truth is that the defense minister, while clearly emboldened by his impunity, is also hounded by insecurities. It is no coincidence that the Palestinian NGOs targeted by Gantz’s order have listed his name as a key suspect for the International Criminal Court to investigate as a war criminal, and are on the frontlines of exposing his crimes and turning international opinion against Israeli apartheid. Even as Gantz rides on his power trip, Palestinians and their allies are still fighting to make sure he does not sleep soundly at night.

Why Benny Gantz is one of Israel’s most dangerous leaders – +972 Magazine

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