How microdosing LSD is leading scientists to tackle ‘creative enhancers of choice’

Microdosing is an experimental trend of taking minute doses of illicit, psychedelic drugs, such as LSD, regularly to sharpen the mind.

Non-addictive, Life Changing, Politically Dangerous, the 70s, Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out Drug, is getting a second chance at life, along with Ecstasy, Mushrooms and other nonaddictive substances. Why were they thought to be so dangerous in the first place?

Multinational corporations had no control over their sales and they were proving to be safer and more beneficial than the drugs marketed legally. Worse formed a less competitive and divisive relationship between young people and the government. Make love not war had revolutionary potential according to Nixon.  A myth expressing personal harm was needed and created by Richard Nixon with his “War on Drugs” and the political dominoes followed him worldwide.

It seems today that multinational corporations see new marketing opportunities in controlling the distribution of these once illicit substances found in nature and which are still very much in demand. Marijuana was the first to be legalized, once again allowing the promotion of its benefits promoted. After all the marketing of oxycodone and other addictives like tobacco and alcohol is waning no longer seen as positive. How do you market Ice, and crystal meth into the future with their genuine tendency to drive anti-social behaviours.

Five years ago Christina*, a 43-year-old professional who worked in the book industry, started taking tiny amounts of LSD most mornings for four months.

Although the doses of the illicit substance were too small to induce hallucinogenic trips, Christina claims it had a significant impact on her anxiety, concentration and experience of life.

Source: How microdosing LSD is leading scientists to tackle ‘creative enhancers of choice’

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