Woke capitalism distracts from economic inequality

Woke Capitalism isn’t new. Capitalists will turn to anything that supports or even distracts from their economic activities. Anything doesn’t attempt to aggressively change them. In fact any cultural change that promotes and doesn’t directly harm is seen by definition as progressive even by capitalists. It’s why they even see social welfare as a business opportunity. They in fact need to allow for cultural change and use it to maintain or increase their bottom lines. As long as they can prevent unionization they are int the box seat.

The good news is that progressive political causes are so popular that they are worth cashing in on — times are changing for the better. But there is a critical caveat. When corporations get political, it is almost exclusively on social and environmental issues rather than economic ones.

Increasing the minimum wage, combatting aggressive corporate tax minimization, promoting income and wealth redistribution, reversing excessive executive remuneration, sharing the spoils of economic growth and curbing economic inequality are entirely off-limits to the woke corporation’s activist agenda.

Right-wing commentary over woke capitalism is distracting attention from addressing economic inequality.

Source: Woke capitalism distracts from economic inequality

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