Inside the Republicans’ Rebranding as the “Parents Party”

This why Peter Dutton is a follower and not a leader. His ideas are simply imported and plagiarised from America’s Republicans. The current rebranding of the Liberal Party as the “Family and Small Business Party” is just one example. The Liberals were never a “Grassroots” movement they never represented the “community” as the Teals have. Yet they now have their eyes set on taking over outer suburban community organizations like schools, and councils and rebranding themselves as their American mentors are doing. Dutton has his eyes on education and what’s taught in schools Making out that Liberal interests are cultural not the interests of the big end of town. Dutton is just a follower with Murdoch is his marketing manager trying to make us ever more right-wing American

In the liberal suburbs of Fairfax County, Virginia, conservative parents like Carrie Lukas have come to local school board meetings to air their frustrations with the failures of the public school system during the Covid-19 pandemic. In late January, Lukas used her two minutes during public comment to criticize mask mandates and call for school privatization.

But when Lukas came to the microphone, she represented more than her family. As the president of a right-wing think tank called the Independent Women’s Forum, Lukas also advanced the interests of her billionaire donors: some of America’s wealthiest people who, for decades, have backed efforts to defund public schools, attack teachers unions, and undermine the scientific community.

Source: Inside the Republicans’ Rebranding as the “Parents Party”

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