The election outcome exposes a gaping disconnect between News Corp and voters | Malcolm Farr | The Guardian

News Corp newspaper headlines from throughout the 2022 federal election campaign

The most stupid was the mouth that was never there. Andrew Bolt put his verbal boot into, not the ALP, but Scott Morrison wishing he was more like Blair Cotteral a “real man” than a real leader. Someone who inspires dogs to fight. One thing is obvious though had the LNP followed Andrew Bolt’s advice they would have been totally obliterated.

Now Sky News after Dark is back and they’re calling for a more divided Australia and mimicking the worst of what the Republicans are currently doing in America. Inspiring mass shooters to kill. Now that’s an original idea, isn’t it? Sky News already inspired the Christchurch massacre.

What is little Matthew Guy going to do now that he only has 6 months to prepare? How far right can Sky make him swing?

And news reporters on Sky News maintained standards on interviewing during the day, although the commentary cohort known as Sky After Dark made little attempt at balance.

But there was a constant rollout of the opinion panjandrums of the News Corp titles tut-tutting uninterrupted over the menace they saw, not just of a Labor government but all those female independents. Some big name writers should worry they look rather silly.

All legacy media might worry as well.

One aspect of the election campaign, anecdotally at least, was that voters knew what they wanted in news and opinion and were open to fresh avenues of information.

They watched press conferences live on the ABC or Sky News, or as they were livestreamed from online sites. Many younger voters didn’t need the newspapers their parents relied on.

The Greens even advertised on Grindr.

Source: The election outcome exposes a gaping disconnect between News Corp and voters | Malcolm Farr | The Guardian