Peter Dutton touted as next Liberal leader as he claimed victory in Dickson

The problem with the “Liberal Moderates” being wiped out the LNP will now swing even further to the hard Right. They will look at America even more closely and take us deeper into the culture wars being fought by the Republicans there. Community Unity has never been their political goal or tactic rather than total autocratic control for control’s sake,

Peter Dutton will likely become the nation’s next opposition leader after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced he would step down as he conceded election defeat. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who was touted as a future leader is at risk of losing his seat to independent Monique Ryan after suffering a more than 10 per cent swing against him. The party will choose a new leader when it next meets, but Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said it’s not an urgent move for an opposition. “There’s not so much urgency on that in opposition so I think we need to take that time to make sure we are clear about who is part of the team going forward,” he told the ABC.

Source: Peter Dutton touted as next Liberal leader as he claimed victory in Dickson

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