MAGA Makes the Pilgrimage to Authoritarian Hungary – Mother Jones

The Orban approach to the Autocratic takeover of Democracy and it’s here!

But describing Orbán as an authoritarian doesn’t fully capture the threat he poses. What truly concerns political scientists and democracy advocates isn’t just that he’s established control over the state apparatus, but that his mode of governance has proven enduringly popular among many Hungarians. Indeed, his base of support in the rural countryside has driven him to four consecutive electoral victories, despite growing evidence of corruption and economic stagnation. If the American right does eventually follow Orbán’s advice, mixing redistributive economic policies, voter suppression, and all-out culture war on marginalized groups in ways that prove broadly popular, we’re in deep trouble.

In fact, there’s a good chance that we’re basically there already.

Source: MAGA Makes the Pilgrimage to Authoritarian Hungary – Mother Jones

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