This election – you do have a say – » The Australian Independent Media Network

1-11 boxes all to be numbered with your order of preference. Place your choice FIRST and the ASSHOLES  LAST. It’s your VOTE AUSTRALIA make it WORTHWHILE!!!!

Government is about making decisions that impact the lives of Australians in a fair, equitable, transparent and compassionate manner. If you are over 18, voting is compulsory in Australia. So when you go to cast your vote this week, consider this: No political party controls your ‘preferences’, you do. Follow the instructions on the ballot papers you are given and you will cast a valid vote. If a Coalition Government is so bad why has Morrison been part of one for almost a decade and do we really want to have three more years of a Government that is more concerned with staying in power than demonstrating accountability and transparency? Maybe that’s one reason why many Australians have lost faith in the political system. What do you think?

Source: This election – you do have a say – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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