Sunrise host blasts ’embarrassing’ trainwreck TV interview

natalie barr barnaby joyce

The major difference is clear Morrison is offering no support, “use your own money and the banks”. It’s all private your money your risk your debt. We’ve seen the consequences of that in a  fluctuating market. Debt enslaves the citizenry in a Capitalist Economy. Governments are regulators ensuring it’s not diminished for Housing, Education, Health, and even Welfare. They brought in Robodebt your mistake, not theirs. The LNP housing policy is all for the benefit of those with incomes up to $200,000 effectively cutting out those with the least income and creating a middle-class welfare system.

Labor is offering a publicly funded scheme and assistance as shareholders to partner the lowest income earners with qualifications. A far less inflationary and pork barrelling scheme than the LNP one.

So which has the most honest intent of helping it’s certainly not the LNP’s. So all Barnaby Joyce can do is play pitbull, and bark at Tanya Plibersek so the differences between the two policies remain unspoken about on Morning TV? When your not offering anything of benefit just bark and distract.

Sunrise presenter Natalie Barr intervened in a fiery on-air clash between Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce and Labor front-bencher Tanya Plibersek.

Source: Sunrise host blasts ’embarrassing’ trainwreck TV interview