Women voters help Labor extend Newspoll lead to 54-46

Events have handed Scott Morrison a political gift.

Morrison is who he is, and he will be given the sack yet again. But remember, he believes he’s ” been chosen” so the unpredictable still lies ahead within the Liberal Rabble.

One thing is for certain the ALP will be handed a poison chalice, and a decade of mess to clean with the commercial media still barking and chasing the money it feeds off. They still be dancing to the tune of those who have the bulk of it. The ALP will only have a short time to prove themselves and must SAVE THE ABC, et up an integrity commission, and create secure jobs transitioning to clean energy. The must revitalize our global reputation not just their domestic one.

Labor has increased its lead over the Coalition in two new polls as early voting centres open across the country on Monday, two weeks before the federal election. The Australian‘s Newspoll released on Monday shows Labor rising one point to 54-46 per cent on a two-party preferred basis (compared to 53-47 per cent a week before). Support for Labor is at 39 per cent, with the Coalition slipping to 35 per cent.

Source: Women voters help Labor extend Newspoll lead to 54-46