A once in a century chance – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By way of an executive summary, you will read how the need for change is required as the Morrison Government has delivered poor governance due to:

  1. Morrison’s lies and poor character.
  2. The government’s terrible management of the economy.
  3. Its broken promises.
  4. Its failure to act on climate change.
  5. Its failure to properly execute foreign affairs and national security.
  6. The scandals.
  7. The aged care debacle and the threat of the Indue Card.
  8. Medicare being dismantled.
  9. Robodebt causing so much harm and even death.

Whereas the call for change to an Albanese Government may be found in not just the ALP’s treasure trove of policies, but also in a future Prime Minister and a cabinet which will not be embroiled in controversies, a cabinet which governs in the nation’s interest, not their own.

So, now that we have the agenda of this article set out in stone, as they would say in the 2009 comedy-drama of the same title, “away we go.”


Source: A once in a century chance – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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