Murdoch bias is boiling Australian democracy

Bias exhibited by the Murdoch press is having too much political influence and slowly degrading our democracy, writes Dr Victoria Fielding. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD the fable of the boiling frog? The tale goes like this. If a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump straight out. But if it is placed in tepid water and the heat slowly rises, the frog will stay cooking in the water until it is boiled to death. The frog fails to pick the exact moment the water became dangerously hot. This analogy is a great way of understanding how Australian democracy is being boiled in the water of Murdoch media bias. For many years, we have known the once tepidly biased Murdoch media was “dialling up” its bias. News reporting, commentary and opinion at Murdoch outlets were increasingly biased towards conservative ideas and right-wing political campaigning.

Source: Murdoch bias is boiling Australian democracy

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