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Welfare recipients were gifted with 5.1% inflation this week with a Morrison discount leaving them $400 or $ 8 a week worse off. Vegetables are up 15%. Remember when Morrison gave a generous 0.70 cents a day pay rise to aged-care workers and saw himself as a generous. He now says “we can’t keep giving”!! Yet inflation isn’t listening to the world’s “best” money manager. Morrison says he doesn’t, but does, hold of the wage hose the Public Service, Health, Education, Infrastructure, but but has only ever spent his energy trying stop stopping the flow of rising wages claiming that’s the cause of inflation. How fucking wrong is he?

The government sent $250 to every welfare recipient and pensioner today. On Twitter it is a popular meme, where the homeless and the destitute will be ‘saved’ by such generosity. Note that it is less than the ‘bribe’ Albanese was accused of offering, to drive faster take up of vaccinations. It is also less than the daily travel allowance paid to MPs who go to work in Canberra. That is $288 per day, paid on top of their salaries. Bring on the election, I say.

Source: Week three – what’s up? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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