Election 2022: Coalition promises voters $833m a day as it outspends Labor during the campaign

In just four weeks, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised more than $23.3 billion worth of projects, including funding for the Wanneroo BMX club.

Morrison’s Circus is banging the freebie drum and playing Grasshopper in an effort to attract a swarm of camp followers to help create an increasing plague. The ALP have in the meantime been planning and beavering away putting together a plan to save SS Australia from sinking from rising debt, inflation, insufficient wages, and robber barons. Oddly enough but unlike Trump and Morrison, they do want Australia to be Great Again.

The Coalition has promised $833 million a day to electorates around the country since the week of the March 29 federal budget as it goes on a spending spree to hold on to power at next month’s election. From large-scale dams that have yet to be judged against a business case, to BMX courses and footpaths in must-win seats, the Coalition has announced $23.3 billion in projects in the four weeks since the budget at an average of eight election sweeteners a day.

Source: Election 2022: Coalition promises voters $833m a day as it outspends Labor during the campaign

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