The Trump-Bannon Plan to Take over Elections

The Australian LNP is fast becoming a GOP Republican Party franchise. It operates on and with the same attention to the American characteristics. Just as Murdoch media is doing here following in the footsteps of Fox.

They are now intent on the selling of a brand rather than a service. As a service to the Australian public, they are divided and certainly don’t operate as a team and merely try to appeal to us as one every 3 years. In between times they work for the highest bidder on a quid pro quo basis. Their only certainty going forward is to control the election process. How the fuck did the debate last night become a pay-to-view Murdoch/Skye/News Corp event? The LNP need to control the media, the money, and now even the AEC our very electoral process just as the Bannon Trump Republicans are doing in the US. The only upside is that they are destroying their own Party but with it Democracy.

Donald Trump | Election Integrity | Steve Bannon by Robert Reich | April 19, 2022 – 6:11am

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