DeSantis Goes Full Fahrenheit 451: Bans 41% Of Math Books | Crooks and Liars

DeSantis Goes Full Fahrenheit 451: Bans 41% Of Math Books

With no policies to draw on other than the total privatisation of education and the welcoming of the dark ages Education Ministers Tudge and now Robert have turned to America to ape what conservative Republicans are doing there to alter the course of education and the teaching of history. The have been intent on censoring what can and can’t be taught in our schools. They are intent on continuing mythologising rather than facing the reality of this nations origins. Their focus is to eliminate 40,k years and  fabricate the past 200 and eliminating any CRT Critical Racial teaching from our Educational Programs. It’s the eqivalent of Germany eliminating any critical analysis of its part in WW2.

We saw the introduction of the Ramsay Foundation’s introduction of a private degree solely on Western Civilisation introduced to some of our Universities under the LNP and their efforts to establish the Coppenhagen Consensus Center under Dr B Lomborg here. Tony Abbott was prepared to offer any campus $4M to situate Dr B Lomborg’s Climate denialist center here. Now its a  concerted effort to eliminate CRT from our schools, forsake history curriculums,and to mythologise a mere 200 years of White Colonial history. They simply do what America is doing despite the fact we are Australia and have a unique Indigenous past of our own not yet told or discovered.

Continuing the critical race theory con, the Florida governor claimed publishers were slapping paint on their books to hide the fact we were trying to indoctrinate children. Florida’s Department of Education, led by DeSantis’s new rules, released this statement, “The highest number of books rejected were for grade levels K-5, where an “alarming” 71% were not appropriately aligned with Florida standards or included prohibited topics, the release said.” Let’s look at some examples of CRT being taught to the kids: Oh, wait. They didn’t offer any. To begin this discussion, Fox News’ chyron screamed, “FL DEPT OF EDUCATION REJECTS 54 MATH TEXTBOOKS.”

Source: DeSantis Goes Full Fahrenheit 451: Bans 41% Of Math Books | Crooks and Liars

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