Australia Helped Indonesia Cover Up Atrocities in East Timor

Australia also supported the slaughter of a Million Indonesians in the overthrow of Soekarno in  the 60s and swept it under the carpet.

A key ally of Suharto at the time, the Australian government helped do Indonesia’s bidding. Among other things, this meant criticizing Australian activists who relayed stories of starvation, cruelty, and murder following East Timor’s annexation. One of these activists, Peter Job, has since pored over declassified documents proving that Australian politicians and civil servants lied to the public while helping to facilitate some of the worst atrocities of the Suharto regime. He spoke to Jacobin about his research, and his recent book, A Narrative of Denial: Australia and the Indonesian Violation of East Timor.

Source: Australia Helped Indonesia Cover Up Atrocities in East Timor

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