Is Joe Biden Right that the Russians are committing Genocide in Ukraine?

The US State Department, after a long and careful investigation, concluded that the junta in Myanmar (Burma) has committed genocide against the Muslim Rohingya minority. What the Russians did in Bucha and Mariupol and many other cities convinced Mr. Biden that the Russian military has the “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group,” and that it is inflicting on them conditions intended to bring about their physical destruction through killing members of the group. It should be noted that Putin denies that there are any Ukrainians. Denial of peoplehood to a people is often a sign of genocidal intent. President Biden admitted that he is making an argument from the gut when he says this, and that jurists of international law will make the final determination. Given the language of the Rome Statute, however, I think we can as lay analysts conclude that there is a prima facie case that Biden’s charge is correct.

Source: Is Joe Biden Right that the Russians are committing Genocide in Ukraine?

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