Ukraine-Russia war: Israel’s defence minister Benny Gantz rejects criticism for not condemning Russia

Benny Gantz, Israel’s defence minister.

Rest assured if it meant “a sale” of arms to Ukraine rather than “a donation” Israel would have little or no concern. Its record of who it sells arms to is highly tainted and questionable, as is its sale of spyware which it even uses on its allies. The question for us, however, is why doesn’t our government comment on a country that,like Russia, invades and occupies territories illegally?

We seem to prefer dealing with and supporting these, do whatever you want, regimes like Russia.  Maybe indirectly by dealing and trading with their friends like Israel and India while banging our drum about how opposed we are. Like sending coal to Ukraine what was that about when Dutton can’t logistically get it there for months and its readily available from Poland? Shouldn’t our main stream media take a more investigative approach to what seems such two-faced posturing on the part of our government?

But it has refrained from joining in Western sanctions on the regime, nor offered arms to Ukraine’s government, in line with the miliary aid offered by its allies the United States, Britain and Australia. Speaking to The Washington Institute for Near East Policy think tank on Tuesday AEDT, Gantz said of criticism of Israel’s position: “I hear it, I don’t accept it.” “We are a small country with lots of regional considerations that we need to take into consideration,” he said.

Source: Ukraine-Russia war: Israel’s defence minister Benny Gantz rejects criticism for not condemning Russia

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