All of a sudden, Israel cares about illegal weapons

An Israeli police officer seen looking over a display of confiscated illegal weapons during a ceremony following the largest ever police operation against illegal gun dealers, Nazareth, November 9, 2021. (Michael Giladi/Flash90)

On Sunday night, a shooting attack in the Israeli city of Hadera left two police officers dead and several more people injured. It was the second attack in Israel linked to the Islamic State group in less than a week, after four people were killed in a stabbing and car-ramming attack last Tuesday in Be’er Sheva. The photos and videos released last night by the police show that the two perpetrators arrived at the scene in Hadera with an enormous amount of firearms and weapons. After the incident, which ended when undercover Border Police officers killed the two attackers during a shootout, Israeli military commentator Yoav Limor wrote in the right-wing Israel Hayom daily that the attackers had “slipped under the Shin Bet’s radar.”

Source: All of a sudden, Israel cares about illegal weapons

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